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Join us every Saturday afternoon for Fashion Design Hive with Nicolette Paulsen, our Textile Lab Lead! 

Do you have questions on how to fit clothing? Wondering how to transfer corrections to pattern? Or have you always want to create a cocoon silhouette? Bring in your garments, sketches and questions and we’ll figure things out together! This is your awesome textile troubleshoot class!

Nicolette has 40+ years of experience in Fashion Design experience including pattern making, draping, fitting, grading, and construction. She has also spent those years teaching 3D design, the ability to create a design from sketch to finished project.

This class will run every Saturday starting September 14th 2019 from 10am – 1pm.

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October 12th 2019, October 19th 2019, October 5th 2019, September 14th 2019, September 21st 2019, September 28th 2019


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